There may be times where you want to provide direct access to talent profiles to hiring companies actively looking to fill their jobs. Maybe you want to promote a couple of exceptional talent in a newsletter and just need links to their respective profiles. Or you may want to proactively forward a specific talent profile to network companies specific looking for that expertise.

In either cases, to share the professional profile.

  • Login the admin portal at
  • From the Members page, search by name to locate the professional you want to share.
  • Select  Share on the profile

You have two options to share a talent profile, either with a URL link to the profile or via email.

Option 1: URL link to the talent profile

In the dialog below, select Copy link in this dialog and cancel out of the dialog

Simply paste that link in an email or other communication channels to share the professional profile.

Option 2: Email to selected companies 

In the dialog below, enter a company name in the Select companies field. You can enter as many as you'd like.

Click Draft email to compose your communication

Tip: if you need to refer to the company admin by name, simply click Go back and check out the name to include it in your email :)

Click Review and Send to confirm who will receive your email.

Click Send Emails.

The selected company admins will receive the email below. From the See LinkedIn profile link in the email, they can quickly review the talent past and current work experience, as well as aspirations for new opportunities. If the talent looks interesting to them, they can proceed from there to request an introduction to that professional you just shared with them.

Clicking Request Introduction in the email will place them on the admin portal login screen to enter their Getro credentials.  

Tip: Before sharing talent profiles with companies, make sure to prepare companies to receive introduction requests

Once logged in, they can  review the professional bio and desired location stored in their Getro profile, as well as access the talent LinkedIn profile by the talent's name. 

For there company admins can request the introduction so this exceptional talent does not slip away! All that in a single efficient email to connect both parties.

Boom! Getro just facilitated an introduction between an exceptional talent and a hiring company in search of exactly that type of talent!