How to invite talent via email

This is a quick way to add excellent people to your GetroNetwork without having to do a lot of data entry, or worry about follow-up. When you come across someone you think would be an excellent value-add to a company in your portfolio, you can add them to your GetroNetwork with one simple email.

Follow the steps below to invite talent via email:

  1. Initiate an email with the talent.


We recommend starting a fresh email to avoid including confidential or personal details, as replying to an existing email thread with the professional will include any information in the thread in the GetroNetwork as background context for the professional.

  1. Add your network "invite" email address to the cc field. As part of your GetroNetwork onboarding, we provided you with an "invite" email formatted this way "".


Make sure that this email is only going to those two email addresses - any other people in the "To" or "CC" fields will also be invited, and that's probably not what you are trying to do :)

  1. Describe the value of GetroNetwork in the email body - explain the opportunity the professional will have to request introductions to companies by joining. 

Here are suggested examples used by our customers:

I'm copying our referral platform here to follow up and get you added into our talent network. 

You can request introductions directly to portfolio companies after creating a quick profile.

I'm inviting you to our talent network, a system we use to connect people we trust directly to hiring managers in our network. 

By joining, you can privately request introductions to companies you're interested in. Our referral system is cc'd here and will follow up to guide you through the process. 

From there, we'll do the rest! 

We'll automatically send them a welcome email with steps on how to create a profile and learn more about companies in your network. If they find a company that seems like a good fit, they can request an introduction through the GetroNetwork, and you'll have a chance to approve that introduction and fast-track their application process.

If you would like to invite multiple people into your GetroNetwork in one go, please see how to invite multiple talent members via email.

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