Inviting a group of talent via email

If you have a set of people you would like to add to your GetroNetwork, you can add them in a single email, if you don't mind them all getting the same message.

This is really useful if you're inviting a group of promising students, the best people you worked with at your last job, or another group of similar people who wouldn't mind getting a message with everyone else on the thread.

You can also endorse each of them individually in separate threads, which might be a better solution to keep their email addresses private, or prevent the message from turning into a wild chain of catching up. Please see how to invite a professional via email for those steps.

Follow the steps below to invite a group of talent via email:

  1. Create a new email with each person's email address in the "To" or "CC" field
  2. Add your network "invite" email address to the CC field. As part of your GetroNetwork onboarding, we provided you with an "invite" email formatted this way "".
  3. Describe the value of GetroNetwork to the group in the email body - explain the opportunity the job seekers will have to request introductions to companies by joining your GetroNetwork. 

Here are suggested examples used by our customers:

Hi folks,

It was so great meeting you all at the event last week. I'm inviting you to our talent network, a system we use to connect people we trust directly to hiring managers in our network. 

By joining, you can privately request introductions to companies you're interested in. Our referral system is cc'd here and will follow up to guide you through the process. 

Greetings from the other side!

Since joining the X organization, I've found this to be a welcoming and challenging environment, and I could not be happier. I'd like to add you all to our org's talent network, which is a referral system for companies in our portfolio. 

By joining, you can check out the companies we've invested in, and request introductions to these companies. It was so great working with you - I want to make sure I have the chance to do so again! Our system is cc'ed here and will follow up automatically with the next steps to get you onboarded.

Onward and upward!

From there, we'll do the rest! 

We'll automatically send each of them an individual welcome email with steps on how to create a profile and learn more about companies in your network.

You will also be able to add additional information about each of these people once they've joined and why you endorsed  them. 

If any of them find a company that seems like a good fit, they can request an introduction through the GetroNetwork, and you'll have a chance to approve that introduction and fast-track their application process.

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