This article describes the company experience when a professional  requests an introduction to them.

Step 1: Professional Requests an Introduction

A professional can request an introduction to a company in your network. They are encouraged to add a short message to explain why they are interested in the company. 

Step 2: Company Reviews the Introduction Request

The company sees the introduction request email, which includes a link to the Talent's profile, work history, outside links.

The company can choose to accept or decline this introduction request from the professional.

This double opt-in process makes sure that companies have control over which professional they accept into their hiring process through this channel.

Step 3a: Company Declines the Introduction Request 

If the company declines the introduction, nothing further happens. The professional is not notified about the decline.

Step 3b: Company Accepts the Introduction Request 

If the company accepts the introduction, the company admin and the professional are both cc'ed on the email message we send to both of them.

This facilitates the introduction, and allows the company to bring the professional  into their hiring process, if they so desire. As a network admin, your company is also BCC'd on this email message.