Make your job board look seamlessly integrated to your website design

The Advanced Design add-on seamlessly integrates your job board into your website so it looks like a native part of your site. This way, visitors don’t feel they have left your website when they navigate to the job board. We do this by matching the job board look to your site, more specifically, your header, cover image, footer, and accent colors. 

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We match the header that is currently on your live website. This includes:

  • Typography
  • Navigation menu
  • Logo
  • Design style

Cover Image

We can use a basic cover image or a more sophisticated one to match your advanced design needs. This includes:

  • Title (example: "Companies you'll love to work for")
  • Subtitle
  • Background image (recommended dimensions 1400x450)
  • Typography
  • Design style


We match the footer on your live website. This includes:

  • Navigation items
  • Design style
  • Typography
  • Newsletter (we can link to an external signup form with a URL or use a Mailchimp integration)

Additional design elements that will match your website:

We can also match the job board accent colors, specifically:

  • "Load More" button
  • "Read More" button
  • Explore Companies, Search jobs, Talent network tabs

What's not included

  • Forms from your website (other than Mailchimp)
  • Changing tab titles (e.g., Search jobs, Explore companies)
  • Changing filter titles (e.g., Company, Job Functions, Locations)
  • Changing job board elements other than accent color (e.g., job board color, job board background)
  • Changing the colors of company logos
  • Changing the color, size, or location of the Getro logo
  • Removing our "Powered by Getro" logo
  • Exact matches on animations (menus, backgrounds, transitions) - on these we will do a best effort to replicate
  • Any image/video animations
  • We will only build advanced designs when there is a Live Model URL we can copy, we do not work with staging sites
  • Temporary banners (see: Design Revisions and Updates below)
  • Creating any new artistic design assets for the customer, this is a matching service based off a model URL of the customer’s choosing
  • Watch the demo below to learn!

New Job Boards

  • New Advanced Designs have a one-time fee
  • We guarantee new designs in under 3 weeks, when design instructions are clear and complete, a design can be ready for review in days
  • Two rounds of editing are permitted after the initial design review

Design Revisions and Updates

  • Small changes like updating logos, background/hero images or changing count placement for example are included in the general maintenance of your job board and are unlimited.
  • Your initial Advanced Design fee covers small updates (examples above) as well as 1 complex revision/year. Complex revisions include changing design elements:
    • ◦ Alignment
    • ◦ Background images
    • ◦ Adding/removing navigation items and links
    • ◦ Updating / refreshing headers or footers 
    • ◦ Our general rule is that if the change is more than just a simple swap (like logos, URLs, colors, images, text) then it can fall into the complex revision category

If you need more than 1 complex revision in a year, ask your Customer Success Manager for pricing

A new Advanced Design fee will be required for full rebranding of design elements (ie, the wrapper changes)


Please note that we do not audit your website for changes to your design elements. If you make an update to your website, please contact us to request an update to your job board design.

Please see below for an example of the Standard Design:

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