Getting Ready for Getro

There are a few things that will happen within a few months of the Getro launch. Don't worry, we're here to help!

 Here are a few things you might be wondering about:

  • We have seamlessly redirected all URLs, so talent will find your jobs just the way they always have.
  • Emails from us now come from instead of
  • When you reach out to talk with us, please use instead of

 If you use our API:

  • Your API code will work exactly as it has been. Please reach out to our Support team at with any concerns.
  • API docs can now be found at

If you would like to announce this to your community:

Here is an example email you can use to inform your community about the change: 

Subject: changing name to Getro

Our Job Board (and/or Talent Network) partner,, has changed their name to Getro as of July 06, 2020. 

Moving forward, all emails you receive from this partner will come from “” instead of “”. We’d recommend that you add “” to your safe-sender list to ensure that emails are received to your main inbox.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to us or to email!

Updating your CNAME and DNS Address

  • For now, our DNS address will stay the same to ensure consistency of service.
  • Within a few months, we will reach out to help you update your CNAME with instructions about changing your DNS Address. 

Social Cards Updating

  • When you paste a link to your job board on a social media channel, you will automatically see a Social Card that uses your logo as an image. 
  • Social Cards enhance the visibility of your links when sharing them on popular channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter. 
  • Important information to talent network admins

We made the login easier to access with a login menu on (plan to use this new path rather than the Talent network tab on your job board)

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