When professionals in your GetroNetwork request introductions to your network companies, those requests go to one email address for that company. We highly recommend having one person from each company be the designated point of contact for responding to those introductions, and making sure professionals get added to the pipeline efficiently. We refer to this point of contact as a Company Administrator.

Creating Company Administrators  

Login the admin portal at https://www.getro.com/app/login

From the Search Members page, click the Invite button at the top

In the New Member Information dialog:

  • Enter First Name, Last Name, Work Email Address
  • Select Company Admin
  • Enter the name of the company
  • Click Next

How to Choose Company Administrators 

Many network companies we've worked with designate a HR manager as their GetroNetwork point of contact, as they're already handling hiring processes and inbound applicants. They are also generally well-informed on what teams within the company are looking for with candidates, and can accept or decline introductions that make sense to add to the hiring pipeline.

If the company is on the smaller side though, you may need to pick someone whose official role isn't solely HR. In that case, you may want to work more closely with that company to decide who would be the best person to handle these introductions. Depending on the roles being hired for, that person may be the CEO, someone in engineering, or maybe even someone in your firm until the company gets a larger headcount.

We recommend setting up company administrators when you set up your GetroNetwork, so that they are in place when candidates start requesting introductions. You can add as many Company Administrators as you'd like to ensure introduction requests from exceptional talent get your company's attention fast!