Getro hosts your job board on our servers so that we can provide analytics to report on your job board performance. Having a CNAME allows users to find the job board at your branded domain. For example, if your domain is then this process allows you to host your job board at

Creating a CNAME Record

If your domain hosting service is on the list below, click the service name to find specific instructions for creating a CNAME Record with your provider:

For providers that use cPanel (e.g. LunarHost, Monster Host, SiteCloud, JustHost) you can follow these cPanel set up instructions.

How to add a CNAME with a cPanel control panel:

  1. Log in to your hosting account with your particular provider
  2. Navigate to Domains
  3. Click on Simple DNS Zone Editor, which will take you to a control panel
  4. Add a CNAME Record
  5. In the Name field, enter the URL Address we provided you with
  6. In the CNAME field, enter the DNS Address we provided you with
  7. Click Add CNAME Record

For any other domain hosting services, follow the steps below (or contact your hosting provider's support team):

  1. Sign in to your domain registrar
  2. Navigate to DNS Records
    This could be called Advanced DNS, Manage DNS, or something similar
  3. Choose to Add a Record to your DNS settings, and select CNAME as the record type
  4. In the Host/Label field, add the URL Address we provided you with
    Note: in some domain registrars, it’s only necessary to input the word ‘jobs.’
  5. In the Destination field (Target, Points To, or Value), add the DNS Address we provided you with.

Troubleshooting Problems With Your CNAME Record

If you've followed the steps above and are still experiencing difficulties 48 hours after making changes to your CNAME records, you can quickly verify your CNAME record by running a CNAME lookup using MxToolbox:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the URL Address in the "Domain Name" field.
  3. Click CNAME Lookup.