What Companies Should Know About GetroJobs

Congratulations! Your company is now featured on one of Getro’s automated job boards.

Let’s make sure your company is represented at its best so you get great traffic to your job openings. 

As the closest to your company information and latest jobs openings, you have the most reliable source of information for your company. It’s essential for you to understand….

How jobs get posted on Getro job boards

Getro extracts jobs from the site that companies post their jobs. In other words, the job source we have on file is the main source of truth for the jobs that show up automatically on the job board.  

So where did we get your job source URL? The network professional who invested in a job board to make your company jobs more visible to their community did her/his/their best at informing Getro of the most likely place you are posting jobs but they may not be aware of your most reliable source. Sometimes they see your jobs on job posting sites such as LinkedIn, Monster, etc.. but did not realize you only keep your latest postings fresh on your careers page. We often find that companies overlook taking jobs down from those sites.

 Take action

If you notice jobs pointing to an undesirable source, contact the Network Admin to ask for permissions to manage your company profile. Then you can update Getro with the job source URL where your company posts its jobs reliably and assure that source is always up-to-date.

Where you post your jobs matter

Most often the most reliable place for jobs postings is a page on the actual company website. Likely a Careers page, a “Work for Us”, or “Join our Team” page.

Some companies may not have a careers page yet and post their jobs on one of the many jobs posting sites, such as Monster, Indeed, etc... Getro updates from those sites well. However we found that once a company puts up a jobs page on their website, they may forget to take down the jobs from the jobs posting site (the Monster, Indeed, etc…), which can result in duplicate postings on the job board.  Getro is working on technology to easily detect those changes but it is best to proactively let us know.

 Take action

Tell Getro when you change where you post your jobs. This includes adopting an Application Tracking Systems or switching to a different one.

How you post your jobs matter

To ensure daily refreshes of job openings, Getro relies on jobs posted according to the job posting industry standard. All ATS use such standards. 

If your company is not currently using an ATS, we highly recommend you invest in one. If your web team manually posts jobs on a web page, make sure they are aware of those standards. 

If you have no one with HTML coding skills, we recommend you post your jobs directly in the Getro platform, using our manual job posting feature. That way your jobs stay up-to-date on the job board.

We see companies reuse the same web page for different jobs. This practice, while seemingly effective, negatively impacts the job board analytics the network professional relies on to  monitor job seekers traffic. Please give each job its own unique URL.

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Post jobs following the jobs posting industry standard, one unique URL per job

Claiming ownership of your company presence

Because you are the closest to your company information, we encourage you to take pride in your company and jobs presence on Getro job boards. If you have not been contacted by the owners of the job boards in which your company is featured, let us know and we’ll encourage them to give you access.

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Claim your company profile on Getro job boards 

Managing your company presence on Getro job boards

Your company may be featured on multiple Getro job boards. Getro provides job board administrators the ability to categorize companies the most meaningful way for their network. That categorization does not change your company presence. It just provides additional search capabilities to locate you!

Thinking of rebranding your company or going through a merger?

If you are planning a rebrand (like we did ourselves going from Monday.vc to Getro) or merger, you need to update your company on the job board. We can support you in a seamless transition on the job boards, you’ll simply need to let our team know.

 Take action

Contact us at help@getro.com to let us know your new name and website and we’ll make sure your new look is reflected on the job board.

When in doubt, who to contact?

The network professional who invested in the job board featuring your company likely has answers to your questions about your presence on their Getro job board. Start there and when in doubt, reach out to help@getro.com.  

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