Looking ahead - Thank you for being with us in 2020

In the spirit of 2020, we hope this email finds you well, safe and healthy! We know you’ve probably received many emails looking back on 2020 - the good, the bad, the scary, the shocking. 

Instead, we would like to look ahead with you to the future. Here's where Getro is going in 2021:

Becoming Getro

In July, you watched us make a major shift from Monday.vc to Getro. We told you about how Getro (pronounced like “retro” with a ‘G’!) stands for “Get” and “Introduction.” 

In the new year, we’re going to make sure all of our customers are given an opportunity to join us in our renewed mission of helping people reveal the hidden potential inside their networks. 


We love growing with you, and this year, over 100 new customers and job boards joined us! It has been an honor to continue to help you showcase your network’s job opportunities during such a scary year; one where many jobs ceased to exist. 

Here are a few new customers from 2020 that we think are doing amazing things:

  • Oxeon Partners: Now more than ever, we need more innovation in healthcare, which makes us really grateful for Oxeon Partners who focus on fueling growth for companies that care for people.
  • MidwestStartups: We love regional efforts to grow the startup world! MidwestStartups is doing just that and offering resources for anyone looking to join a startup to gain an understanding of the Midwest ecosystem.
  • Gaingels: Social change is all around us, and Gaingels is helping to drive that change full speed ahead by investing in companies with LGBT+ leadership, and helping to place C-suite LGBT+ talent.

We know that your network, too, will continue to be a beacon of hope for job seekers in the new year. We’re grateful to be part of that. If you know of a network for which you think Getro could be a great resource, let us know! You can earn a $400 account credit for any referrals that join us.


It’s likely that at some point this year, you heard us talking about GetroNetwork, our talent network product in private beta. 

Well, in 2021, we’re taking the training wheels off and releasing this powerful tool into the wild! After collaborating with some generous-of-time customers, we have the right mix of magic to help you create more connections in your network. 

Getro Team (we’re hiring!)

Let us share a little secret: here at Getro, we’re pretty picky about who we bring on to our team. Just like you, we only want the best. This year, we grew our team with quite a few interesting characters:

Thomas - Engineering Manager

Phil - Senior Designer

Juan - Senior Product Engineer

Jacob - Senior Front-End Engineer

Amelia - Senior Customer Success Manager

Catherine - Product Coach

Interested in joining our journey? We’re hiring! Check out our open roles here!

Happy Holidays from The Getro Team

P.S. Between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, our team will be taking some time to recharge. If you need us, please do still contact us at help@getro.com.

We appreciate your understanding if there are slightly longer response times.

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