How to update your talent profile (and why you should!)

Unlike a traditional job application process, when you join a private talent network you are joining a truly dynamic community of companies, hiring managers, and mentors. This means that there's a good chance that multiple people will look at your profile for different purposes, so it's even more important that you put your best foot forward and keep that foot updated ?

Read on to find out how to update your talent profile, and to learn best practices for knowing what to update and when.

Learn how to update a talent profile

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  1. Log in to your Getro account

Good to know!

Getro is the tool that many different groups use to power their talent networks. When you're signing into a Getro account, you're signing in to access the talent network for which you signed up or to which you were invited. Read a bit here about who we are and what we do!

  1. Click the user drop-down, and select "My profile"

  2. Click "Edit" on any section you wish to update 

What information you can update and why you should

  • About me: Basic information such as your name and profile picture, and space to really set yourself apart by adding a professional description, Internet profiles and a resume.

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The more information that you can provide here, the better! The members of this network who are looking for top talent will use this information to get to know you, so give them all the details they need to see how great you are.

  • Work preferences: This information is both about you and about your preferences for what kind of work you're seeking.

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It's especially important to keep your Job search stage up to date here. If an employer sees that you're not looking, they may pass you by!

  • Who can see your profile: This setting allows you to control your own visibility. If you value being a member of this talent network but are not interested in being viewed or contacted by it's companies, you can hide your profile here.

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High-level admins of this network will still be able to see your profile even if you choose to hide it from companies. However, it's much less likely that these admins will be the ones reaching out to you with offers of employment, so this step is still valuable if you're in a more passive stage of your job search!

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