Inviting companies to access your talent network

Inviting company admins to access your talent network is a great way to get your companies engaged and save everyone time! This will enable your companies to connect directly with talent and manage the information and jobs on their company profile.

Who should be a company admin?

The people (or person) responsible for hiring at a company. At early-stage companies, this is often the founder. As companies grow and have a formal people ops function, you’ll want the Head of Talent/Director of People Ops/VP of People to be a company admin. For more mature companies, you should also include in-house Recruiters, People Ops Managers, and Hiring Managers.

What can company admins do?

  • Search & discover talent in your network
  • View & subscribe to talent lists that you curate
  • Request introductions to talent members they want to connect with
  • Receive introduction requests made by talent (note: if you have the gatekeeper setting enabled, you will facilitate these introductions!)
  • Keep their company profile information up-to-date
  • Manually post open jobs 

How to invite company admins individually:

  1. Log into your account and navigate to the “Members” page
  2. Click either the plus “+” sign next to “All Members” or click the “Invite” button below the search bar

  1. Fill in the company contact’s name, email address and select “Company admin” under “Relationship to network”
  2. Search for and select the company that this contact will be managing:

  1. Click “Invite” and you’re good to go - the company contact you invited will receive an email invitation from to set up their profile.


Each company admin can invite other people from their company to be company admins as well so they can collaborate on reviewing the introduction requests from professionals

What access does the company admin have?

  • Editing their company profile information, including their job source. 
  • Manually posting and managing open jobs at their company
  • Request introductions to visible talent member profiles in your network
  • Receive introduction requests from verified talent members

What access does the company admin NOT have?

  • They will not be able to view or edit any other company profile in your network. 
  • They will not be able to view or download analytics for their company or other companies in your network. 
  • They will not be able to remove their own company from your network.

Claiming Profiles: An alternate method of inviting company admins

Allow anyone with a company email address to claim their profile as company admin (best if you want to open access broadly and with low effort from you)


If you’d like companies in your network to be able to claim their company profile with no action needed from a network admin, contact to learn how to set that up.

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