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Getro keeps your job board up to date by extracting all jobs for each company in your network. To do this, we rely on a job source from which to pull jobs. You can help increase the accuracy of your job board by providing the most optimal job source for your network companies through the admin portal.

How do I know if a company already has a job source?

Job source information is viewable in the “Job source” section of each company profile:

How do I add or update a company’s job source?

  1. Login to your Getro admin portal and navigate to the Companies page
  2. Search for and select the company you’d like to modify
  3. Scroll down to the Job source section of the company profile

    1. If there is no job source, click Add job source

    2. If there is an outdated job source, click Edit next to the URL

  4. Select this form to fill out a Typeform with the URL of the new job source

  5. Click Submit and our team will get to work configuring this company’s job source, which should be completed within 2-5 business days

What’s the best URL to utilize for a job source?

The page where a company promotes their jobs on their website is the best job source for Getro to extract jobs for your job board.

Many companies create their job openings in an Application Tracking System (ATS) such as Greenhouse, or an HR system such as Workday, and they promote their jobs on their website. You can easily find that page by visiting the header and footer of a company website and looking for links such as “Careers”, “Join us”, “Work for us”, “Jobs Opportunities” or simply “Jobs”.

Getro is a typical example. We post our jobs in Greenhouse and promote them on our website:

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What if one of my companies does not post their jobs online?

If you cannot identify a job source that Getro extracts daily, consider posting the jobs directly through Getro, at no extra cost. This is especially convenient for companies with only a few jobs - especially young companies that do not have a careers site yet.

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