How our Matches Search Works

  1. Filter Searches by status: On your main match screen, you will notice a dropdown filter.
  2. Managing Search Statuses: Change the status of the Search from the Matches page (three dot menu) or the specific Search page (Actions).
  3. Clarifying Search Statuses: Searches can be classified into three statuses: 
    1. Open: Current searches that you're actively working on.
    2. Completed: Searches that have reached their conclusion. You can tell us if you played a big or small role, or if you're not sure.
    3. Archived: Pause searches that are no longer a priority. These won’t get new matches.
  4. Delete a search that was mistakenly made to reduce noise. 
  5. What You Can Do:
    1. Change an "Open" search to 'Completed' or 'Archived'.
    2. Reopen an 'Archived' or 'Completed' search.
    3. 'Archive' a search you might have added by mistake.

Benefits of Using This Feature

  1. Enhanced Control: Manage your searches more effectively by categorizing them based on their current status.
  2. Reduce noise: Archiving/Completing searches ensures that you don’t receive irrelevant matches for roles you are no longer prioritizing.
  3. Error Correction: Ability to delete searches that were mistakenly created, ensures cleaner and more accurate data.
  4. Efficient Tracking: By marking the level of your involvement in completed searches, you can have a clearer overview of your contributions and outcomes.

Additional Information

  • Deleting a search gets rid of its data for good. Only delete if you're sure.
  • 'Archived' searches can be made 'Open/Active' again. New matches will be generated accordingly. 
  • Try not to remove searches you've worked on. Instead, label them as 'Completed' or 'Archived' to better track your outcomes. .

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