Highlight and Share Matches

Overview of How it Works

Getro's Highlight & Share Matches feature offers a clear-cut way to assess and share candidate matches:

  • Users can star preferred candidates, which auto-sorts these profiles for priority viewing.

  • The "share matches" option facilitates easy sharing of these selected profiles with the company's key contacts, like founders or hiring managers.


  1. Streamlined Reviewing: The star system simplifies categorizing standout candidates.
  2. Seamless Collaboration: Directly share top candidates with key stakeholders for quick decision-making.
  3. Flexible Sharing Channels: Share through email, Slack, or spreadsheets, matching the company's preferred communication method.
  4. Time-saving: Quickly zero in on and share top candidates.

Additional Points

  • Prioritized viewing: Highlighted profiles are shown first on the list.
  • Flexibility: Easily toggle the highlight of a candidate by selecting/deselecting the star.


Q: What does starring a match do?

A:  It labels them as standout, moving them to the top of your list.

Q: How do I share my top picks?

A: After highlighting, click "share matches". You can then copy and share the candidates' info through your chosen medium.

Q: Can I undo a highlight?

A: Yes, simply deselect the star on the candidate’s profile.

Q: Is my highlighted list visible to everyone?

A: Your highlights will be visible to all network admins who view the same Search, allowing for internal collaboration. The only way for these matches to be viewed with companies is through sharing. 

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