Tracking Likely Applicants through Your Job Board

Are you curious about the effectiveness of your job board in driving job applications for your comapanies? Understanding user behavior can provide valuable insights into the impact of your job board. One key metric that can shed light on this is the "Likely Applied" metric.

What is the "Likely Applied" metric?

The "Likely Applied" metric represents the total number of times users click on the apply button after viewing a job description on your job board. These actions indicate a strong potential for application submission because users have accessed the job description before clicking "Apply".

How is it different from the "Applications" metric?

While both metrics relate to job applications, The "Applications" metric typically tracks the actual number of completed applications submitted through your job board and only applies to jobs that are posted through your admin portal. The "Likely Applied" metric captures instances where users express a strong interest in a job by clicking the apply button after reading the job description. Since the applications are submitted through the careers page where the job is hosted and not through the Getro platform, Getro is unable to confirm whether an application was submitted. 

Note: Unless your team is regularly posting jobs through the admin portal, you can expect the number of Likely Applicants to be significantly greater than the number of Applications since the majority of your jobs will be extracted automatically from careers pages and not posted through your Getro admin portal. 

Utilizing the Impact Dashboard:

To gain insights into which job postings are generating the most interest and likely applications, you can leverage the Impact Dashboard on the home page of your Getro Admin Portal. This feature allows you to download the information about posts that were likely applied for, empowering you to refine your job board strategies and optimize job descriptions for better engagement.

The "Likely Applied" metric offers valuable insights into user engagement and the effectiveness of your job board in driving potential job applications. By tracking this metric alongside others, you can make informed decisions to enhance the performance of your job board and better serve your organizations' needs. 

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