How to find jobs relevant to you

On the job board, the filters are designed to help you find a range of possible jobs and companies that match what you are looking for, whether that's a specific role or a location that interests you. These filters are available in both the 'Search Jobs' tab and in the 'Explore Companies' tab.

Learn how to search and filter jobs to find what you're looking for

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In the 'Search Jobs' tab, you can filter by:

  • Company Name
  • Job functions
  • Locations

These filters have prioritized weight - they will first match by company name, then job functions, then location.

In the 'Explore Companies' tab, you can filter by:

  • Job functions
  • Locations

These filters also have prioritized weight - they will first match by job function, then location.

The search field will allow you to look for jobs matching attributes that are harder to filter by - this includes languages (Ruby, Python, Haskell), broader job or company topics (social media, crypto, biotech), or things that are important to you (diversity, B2B, 401k).

Search results will be weighted similar to the filters, depending on which tab you are in.

In the Search Jobs tab, matches in job title will be prioritized, and in the Explore Companies tab, matches in the company name will be shown first.

You can also combine these methods - filter Location to UK, then search for Fintech, or filter Job Function to Data Science, then search for AI.

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