How to be a GetroNetwork Ambassador

What does it mean to be an ambassador for a Getro talent network?

Simply put, the talent network administrators trust you.

To build a quality source of talent that is representative of the power of our network, the strategy is centered on pulling talent in from the people you trust the most.

If you’ve been tapped on the shoulder to be a talent ambassador, any person that you refer “skips the line” and is automatically added to the network.

Who should I invite into the network?

As a person with established professional credibility, whether you actively exercise it or not, you have a strong pulse on top professionals.

The needs of network companies are wide when it comes to location, seniority, job function, and industry.

Consider these profiles when referring talent to the network:

  • The Transitioner: You just received an email from someone announcing they’re looking to take on a new opportunity with gusto. Their track record is strong and it’s clear they’ll be a valuable asset to their next team. Introduce them to a pool of opportunities at great companies -- invite them!
  • The Mentee: You’re connected with a young professional who exhibits all signs of becoming a powerhouse in their field. Give them some professional runway -- invite them!
  • The Left-You-Impressed: You recently worked on a project or crossed paths with an amazing salesperson, software engineer, product manager, designer, [fill in the blank] who left an impression. Give them the opportunity to channel their energy at a high-growth company -- invite them!
  • Your Top 10: These are the people that you would do anything to work with again. Not only are they exceptional at their craft, their add to any team dynamic is a positive one. You’d be thrilled to work with them again, but in the meantime, you’d stake your career on their awesomeness -- invite them!

How do I actively invite someone to the talent network?

When you come across someone that you want to invite, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Send a new email to the person or reply to an existing thread
  2. CC the network "invite" email address provided to you by the talent network administrator - email address likely looks like invite@<network-name>.com (or you can utilize
  3. Add a message explaining that you are inviting them to access the talent network and that they can expect an email from Getro to facilitate next steps.

The person you refer will be able to request introductions to the network companies.

Can I give context as to why I am referring someone privately?

Not all of your connections are equal. The person you would put your professional credibility on the line for is different than that person you had coffee with last week. Both can be great additions to our community, but we want to make sure that you are given the opportunity to distinguish your relationship to anyone you refer to the system so companies have better insight into your level of confidence in their ability.

After you invite someone to the network by cc’ing the network "invite" email address, you’ll receive a one-click survey email asking you to rate your level of confidence in their professional ability.

You can optionally also respond to the email with a short description. Any feedback you give will only be shared privately within the network.

What happens after I refer someone?

That person “skips the line” and is immediately added to the talent network - their profile made visible and searchable by companies actively recruiting.

Indicated on their profile is your endorsement, additional context you’ve shared, and details pulled from their LinkedIn:

Simultaneously, if you cc’d the network "invite" email address, the person you invited will receive a welcome email from Getro instructing them through the steps of completing their profile. Once complete, they have full access to the network company database where they can search all of our member companies, view open jobs, and receive or issue introduction requests.

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