Why your feedback matters

Do you ever wonder why your job board or talent network works the way it does? Or, why a certain feature was added or updated? As a rapidly growing startup, Getro’s Product Team continuously works to implement valuable changes to improve the customer experience. While there is a disciplined process around product updates, many changes started with feedback from our customers. When we say we love feedback, we truly mean it!

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If you're interested in staying up to date on product updates, be sure to bookmark Getro's Product Roadmap to keep an eye on what we're actively working on, recent releases, and more. Learn more about Getro's Product Roadmap.

When to provide product feedback

As you go about your typical interactions with GetroJobs or GetroNetwork, you may notice something you wish you could change. If you’re thinking…

  • Wow, I wish I could do ___
  • Why won’t this feature do ___?
  • I didn’t know about ___ feature and wish it was more accessible
  • I would use ___ feature more if it were less complicated

Chances are, other customers are having similar thoughts. But unless Getro receives this feedback, we won’t know what you are experiencing, and how important it is to you!

Did you know?

The fastest way to submit product feedback is directly through Getro’s Product Roadmap by clicking the button in the top right corner. To ensure your feedback can be translated into action, keep reading below!

How to provide actionable feedback

There are a few key elements involved in providing effective feedback that can be translated into product updates. The following are great to keep in mind when sharing feedback with us, either directly, or through our Product Roadmap

  • Who: What is your role when using Getro? Are you an admin for a network? A talent member or job seeker? A company managing their profile? This helps us to understand the context of where the feedback is coming from.
  • What: Describe the challenge that you are experiencing with the product (for example: “I’d like to update the header image on our job board but I can’t find a way to do that in my Admin portal”)
  • Why: This is a vital component in the feedback process. To understand how to best deliver value to you, we must understand the “why” behind a request - what you currently cannot do, what would save you time, what would reduce frustration, etc. Many times, you may need to go through several levels of “why” (see example scenario below):

Customer Feedback Scenario:

I’d like to update the cover image on our job board but I can’t find a way to do that. Why (is this important to you)?

I want to be able to do it myself when it needs to be done. Why?

It’s a hassle to have to reach out to Customer Success for something so minor. Being able to do it myself would save me a lot of time.

Got it! Now we can prioritize this request appropriately based on your "Why's!"

Reflecting on the above scenario, you can see that the real need is related to time (and saving it). You can also see that it took a few “why’s” to get there. 


Screenshots are invaluable when submitting feedback as they help the product team further identify the specific product component(s) being referenced.

Now that you know why Getro loves feedback, we hope to hear from you often! 

Learn how to give product feedback to Getro

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  1. Submit Idea through our Product Roadmap
  2. Email help@getro.com with your feedback summary

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