Getro’s Product Roadmap: Explained

It’s always exciting when an app or tool that you use gets an update, but wouldn’t it be great if you knew what was on the horizon? Getro’s Product Roadmap is a public-facing website designed to showcase new and upcoming product features for GetroJobs and GetroNetwork. Here, you can see our four phases of product development and track features currently included in each of these phases. 

The Product Roadmap site is also the best place for you to submit your feedback about GetroJobs or GetroNetwork, which goes directly to our product team! You can either comment on an existing product idea or give us new ideas for a feature that you would like to see created. Read more about the product feature phases below, so you can keep track of what’s coming up next for you and Getro.

Working on it

Features in this section have been prioritized for release and are actively being developed by our product team. You can click on a feature to learn more about what it entails.

Planning on it

This section includes features that our team is not yet working on, but are included on our roadmap for future development. This is a great place to leave your feedback to ensure it can be taken into consideration as the feature goes into development.

Under consideration

Features “under consideration” have been discussed, but may not necessarily have the demand needed to move them into development. The more feedback we receive on these features, the higher they will go on the priority list. 

Recently released

This is a key section to explore for new features recently released on our platform. If something looks new or different in your admin view, ”Recently released” is a resource to utilize for more information.

Anyone can utilize the Product Roadmap “Submit idea” button to share feedback with Getro, whether feature-specific or not. 

Heads up!

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