How to find a list of all users in your network

While network admins have full control over managing their job board and talent network, other users can also be added to a network, including company admins, talent members, and ambassadors.

To gain visibility into all users who have access to your network, you can export a full user list through your Getro admin portal.

Learn how to export your admin list

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  1. Login to your admin portal and navigate to the Settings page


Only network admins can access this page. You will see it on the top right of your admin portal.

  1. Click the button that says Export admin list. This will trigger an automatic email sent to you that will include the exported CSV file.


It may take a few minutes until you see it in your inbox.

  1. The email you receive will come from Your export will be attached as a CSV file. 


Why are all fields not populated for every person in my export list?

The user information for every user type is not the same, and there are many more fields that pertain to company admins (e.g. company name; company domain; etc.). Filter or Sort by "Admin type" to group all common user information.

Why do I see someone listed more than once?
Each row represents one role. If a user is a company admin of multiple companies or both a network admin and a company admin, you will see them represented once for each unique role they have.

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