Network admins: how to add network admins to your job board

Maintaining your job board can take a village! Luckily, you can easily add your colleagues to Getro from your admin portal.

Learn how to add network admins

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  1. Log in to your admin portal and navigate to Settings.

  2. Click on Admins.

    Here you’ll see a list of all the current admins who are part of your network. These people will have the same permissions as you do to control your job board.


What exactly can a network admin do? A lot. This is the highest level of access to your job board. Network admins can (among other things):
  • Add and remove companies
  • Post jobs for any company
  • Add other Network and Company admins
  • Request design updates to your job board
  • Request billing information such as invoices
  1. To invite a new admin, simply click on the Invite button. Fill out the information requested and then click on Invite admin.

Heads Up!

You also have the ability to remove admins from your network. When a colleague leaves your company, you can clean up your admin list by removing their access. Just click the 'X' next to any name and then confirm to remove. 

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