How to get a list of all GetroJobs admins

As a GetroJobs Admin, one of your primary objectives is to ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date job and company information is displayed on your job board. GetroJobs is designed to carry the majority of that burden for you, and sometimes the closest source of truth is the company themselves. That is why we allow Company Admins to do things like edit company information, post jobs, and request changes to career pages. 

To gain visibility in to those users who support the management of information on your job board, you can export a full list of all job board and company admins associated with your job board. 

Why is this helpful?

Export the full list of Company Admins in order to:

  • Be Aware of who has access and shared responsibility of managing information on your job board. 
  • Get a comprehensive contact list of all current Job Board or Company Admins to inform them of new initiatives or give important updates.
  • Identify what companies are currently not claimed on your job board by a Company Admin so you can send target communications to get those companies involved.

How to export the list?

  1. Login to your account and navigate to the Settings page


Only Network Admins can access this page. You will see it on the left side of your admin portal.

  1. Click the button that says Export Admin List. This will trigger an email to you that will include the export. 


It may take a few minutes until you see it in your inbox.

  1. The email you receive will come from Your export will be attached as a CSV file. 


Why are all fields not populated for every person in my export list?

The user information for every user type is not the same, and there are many more fields that pertain to Company Admins (e.g. Company Name; Company Domain; etc.). Filter or Sort by Admin Type to group all common information together.

Why do I see someone listed more than once?
Each row represents one role. If a person is a Company Admin of multiple companies or both a Network Admin and a Company Admin, you will see them represented once for each unique role they have.
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