What is GetroNetwork?

Your network is full of untapped potential—probably too much for you to effectively keep track of. Have you ever racked your brain, dug through LinkedIn, searched a messy Google sheet or ravaged your email trying to find the name of that really talented person you met, interviewed, or talked to? We've all been there!

GetroNetwork is a way to collect and organize that talent so that the next time you need to make that introduction or quickly fill a role, they will be just a few clicks away!

Talent can be invited into your GetroNetwork by network admins or ambassadors for your network, or job seekers can sign up from your talent network web page. Soon you'll forget what's is like to have to read a resume of someone that is totally unqualified because when you need to make a hire, you'll know just the right person and exactly where to find them!

GetroNetwork is currently in private beta, but we'll be bringing this product to market in 2022. If you're interested in learning more, please contact us at help@getro.com.

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Read more here about what it means to be in a private beta with Getro. 

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