Positioning your talent network to job seekers

When a job seeker visits your job board, they are usually there looking for JOBS (shocking, right?). However, when they see the sign up button for your talent network, they may not immediately equate that with a path to reach their goal of finding the right job at the right company. 

Not to worry, because after reading this, you will understand how you can show job seekers that path, and increase the number of signups to your talent network!

How do job seekers see information about my talent network?

Your talent network is visible to job seekers in a possible 3 places on your job board:

  1. In your cover image:

Heads up!

This is the most visible place to promote your talent network! The title text, description text, and the sign-up button text can all be personalized!


While we can remove this from your cover image if you wish, it’s not recommended, as this will reduce the visibility of your talent network.
These elements must be removed in a group, and cannot be removed individually.

  1. On the Talent network tab of your job board


This tab will always be visible if the talent network is active, regardless of your job board design or choices about your signup options in the cover image.

  1. On the first page of the talent sign-up flow:

Heads up!

Take this final opportunity to make your pitch to talent! Don’t miss out on the power of that last shot, and take a moment to tell talent how their time and effort in signing up will help them make connections in your network.

What can I change to personalize my talent network positioning?

In the cover image, you can personalize three elements:

  • GetroNetwork Title Line
  • GetroNetwork Description
  • GetroNetwork Sign-Up Button Text


Join our network of actively hiring companies.

We are a network of exciting startups working on important technology solutions. Our companies are looking for talent like you to fill open or upcoming roles. Tell us about yourself to make a connection.

 Get Discovered 


While we can remove this from your cover image if you wish, it’s not recommended, as this will reduce the visibility of your talent network.
These elements must be removed in a group, and cannot be removed individually.

In the talent network job board tab, you can personalize the GetroNetwork Talent Network Tab text:

This is a great place to get a little deeper about the purpose of your talent network and what a job seeker can expect after they sign up. 


When our companies need to hire, they look to their internal networks first. That’s where we come in.

Signing up here will put you on a short list of top talent that our companies will look to engage with. You may receive a request directly from a company to get introduced, or we may introduce you directly to a company. Either way, you’re that much closer to being connected with our exciting network of startups.

On the first page of the talent sign-up flow, you can personalize the GetroNetwork Talent Sign Up Text:

This is it! Your final pitch. You’re right at the finish line, and have one more shot to get this talent member into your network. Take a moment to encourage them by reassuring them that the process is quick, and that their efforts will be rewarded.

Heads up!

We also suggest a simple reminder to the job seeker that they can and should keep their profiles up to date with their latest professional information and job preferences.


In just a few steps, tell us about your professional DNA, what type of opportunities you’re interested in, and sign up to get alerts for new jobs that match your preferences. We can’t wait to read all about you and get you connected with a role that’s right for you!

Remember to log back in and tell us about any changes to your profile or preferences so that we always know exactly what you’re looking for.

How can I make updates to this information?

We have default text for all of these spaces, which you can see in the example screenshots above. But we strongly encourage you to personalize this text to show talent what’s special about YOUR network!

From your Admin Portal

If you want to update the text of your GetroNetwork Talent Network Tab text or the Talent Sign Up Text, please log in to your Admin Portal and go to your Settings page. There you will find a section called “Talent network positioning” where you can make these edits.

With help from Getro

If you want to edit the GetroNetwork Title Line, Description, or Sign-Up Button text in your cover image, please reach out to us by chatting us on the website, or emailing help@getro.com! We’re here and happy to help.

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