Enriched, up-to-date complete professional profiles

Overview of How It Works

GetroConnect not only helps you aggregate all of your firm’s professional contacts in one place, it also enriches and maintains up-to-date contact data. Anytime you add a Contact to Getro, we require the LinkedIn URL. We then use a third-party data provider to enrich each profile with valuable professional information such as current and past experience, tenure at each company, years of experience, and skills. Contact data is regularly updated, ensuring that you always are making decisions based on the most recent data. No effort required! 

Benefits of Using This Feature

  • Enriched and Up-to-date Contact Data: Getro Connect ensures that you have access to complete and regularly updated professional profiles of your contacts by utilizing LinkedIn URLs and a third-party data provider
  • Improve Decision Making: With detailed information on contacts' professional experience, you can better assess their suitability for open positions or potential introduction recommendations within your portfolio companies.
  • Save Time and Effort: By automating the contact data enrichment process. Getro Connect reduces the reliance on manual spreadsheet management, which often results in outdated and incomplete information.

Additional Information

  • The current update cadence for contact information is quarterly. 
  • The data point that shows when a contact last changed jobs is value for determining the likelihood of a contact being open to new job opportunities. Contacts who have been in their current job for more than two years are typically good candidates to target if they have relevant experience for an open job within one of your portfolio companies.

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