Using the Getro Talent Network

Getro Talent Network is a meaningful component to any platform talent strategy. It allows job seekers to express their interest in joining your talent network. By signing up, they can use your job board as a resource in their job search. Additionally, you are able to capture the organic interest of visitors to your job board so that you can direct these professionals to portfolio companies with relevant opportunities.

Here's how to use the Getro Talent Network:

1. A new Talent Network tab is added to your job board, which helps you capture organic interest from job seekers.

2. Job seekers complete a quick signup process, answering questions about their preferences and background. 

3. You'll have access to their information through the contact database and can filter the database by those who have completed the Talent Network signup

Job seeker experience detailed:

All questions are positioned to understand what they are looking for next in order to help HoPs make more relevant introductions.

  1. Job function/area (e.g. Sales, Product, Design)
  2. Seniority (e.g. IC, Manager, Director)
  3. Work environment (onsite, hybrid, full remote)
  4. Ideal location
  5. US work authorization (if US city was selected previously)
  6. Areas of interest (match the custom filters on job board - i.e. topics)
  7. Job search status (e.g. Active, Open, Not looking)
  8. Job alerts (optional)
  9. Email (so they can be contacted)
  10. LinkedIn URL (so their profile can be enriched)
  11. Resume PDF (optional)
  12. Additional links

Job seekers DO NOT create a profile so cannot login and change or delete their information. They can email Getro should they want to change or delete their information (Compliance). 

Network admin experience detailed:

All questions are positioned to understand what they are looking for next in order to help HoPs make more relevant introductions.

  • Talent sign ups are added directly to a networks Contacts database
  • If the person is already in the Contact database, we simply add the sign up info to the profile (we do not create a duplicate)
  • If the person is not already in the Contacts database, we add them after enriching their profile
  • Talent sign ups are unique to a network
  • This means talent must sign up to each network they want to join
  • If a Contact exists in multiple networks the talent sign up info is not shared across networks
  • Contacts can be filtered by those that have talent sign up info
  • Network admins have the option to deactivate the talent network if they do not want it on their job board

Benefits of using the Getro Talent Network:

As a Head of Platform at a VC, the GetroConnect Talent Network Signup offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced engagement: Capture organic interest from job seekers visiting your job board, providing an opportunity to actively engage with them and build your talent network.
  • Customization: Tailor the signup process and messaging to align with your firm's unique brand and process.
  • Streamlined contact management: Easily access and manage Talent Network signups alongside your existing contacts, enabling better organization and collaboration with your portfolio companies.
  • Improved matching: Gain insights into job seekers' preferences and backgrounds, allowing you to better match them with suitable opportunities within your portfolio companies.
  • Job alerts: Enable job seekers to sign up for job alerts, ensuring they receive relevant updates and increasing the likelihood of successful placements.

Additional information: 

  • The Getro Talent Network is a free and easy-to-use tool that can significantly enhance your talent acquisition efforts in GetroConnect.
  • By publishing the Talent Network on your public job board, visitors can join your network and create a profile with information about their skills, experience, and job preferences.
  • You can add these profiles to lists, tag them, add notes, and even add contacts in case anyone in your firm is connected with them and can facilitate an introduction.
  • From the admin portal, you can customize the signup page and the message job seekers see upon completing the process.
  • There will be no duplicates in the contact database, as existing contacts will simply have their signup information added.
  • Read more about the talent sign up here.

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