GetroJobs displays company information such as description, location, date founded, number of employees, and social profiles for each of your individual companies. 

As your network grows, keeping up with changes in company information may be best delegated to someone at each of these companies to make updates as their information changes. 

Here is how to invite a network company to own their company profile. Before you get started, you'll need their first name, last name, and their employee email. 

Note that by enabling companies to own their profile, you, as a network admin, relinquish the ability to edit their profile.

Step 1: Navigate to the company profile

Log in to the Admin Portal via

 If you have lost access, you may reset your password here.

From the Companies page, select the company you want to invite.

Step 2: Invite a company contact

Scroll down to the Company Admins section and click Invite Admin.

Enter  their first name, last name, and their employee email. Then click Invite Company Admin.

Step 3: Company receives an invitation to set up their profile

The company contact you invited will receive an email invitation from with a "click here" link in it.

Step 4: Company admin onboarding

By clicking the link in their invitation email, the company contact will be prompted to take 5 onboarding steps: 

  1. Enter their Account Information (name, password, email). 
  2. Edit the information featured on the company profile live on the job board. Getro sources this information initially from what the company has available on the public web. It can updated or edited at anytime from the Admin Portal.
  3. Edit or add social media profiles to the company profile. 
  4. Edit the careers page from which Getro currently extracts jobs. See Automatic Careers Page Syncing, Manual Careers Page Syncing. If a company does not have a careers page, you can keep this field blank and post a job manually from the Admin Portal.
  5. Optionally invite more contacts from the company to be Company Admins as well - which will prompt the flow above. 

Note: If the company already has a Company Admin, the contact will be listed in this field as "Active". 

If there are company contacts which have been invited to be Company Admin but have not yet finished this sign-up process, they will be listed as "Pending". 

Now the Company Admin will have access to the admin portal to edit only their company profile and, if using GetroNetwork request introductions to visible talent profiles!