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Did your firm recently add a new company to your portfolio? Did a new business just become a member of your organization? Easily add a company to your network by following the steps below.


Only network administrators are able to add companies to networks. If you'd like to add additional network admins to your account, contact us at

  1. Log in to your admin portal, and navigate to the Companies page.
  2. Click the Add company button

  1. Enter the company website and click "Add company".


    We will use the company website to gather information for the company profile, so it's important that this be the accurate URL/domain for the company.

  2. Add a job source. This will allow Getro to start configuring our system to fetch jobs from wherever this company posts its jobs. It can take 5-7 business days for jobs to appear on your job board the first time around.

Heads up!

If the company does not have a job source (or one that you know of), they can still be a part of your job board. Once the company profile is created, you and/or a company admin will be able to post jobs directly on their company profile.

Learn more about how often jobs are updated on your job board, depending on the job source used.

  1. Add company admins (optional): Want to allow the company to manage its own information? Invite someone within the company as a company admin so they have control over the following details:
    • locations
    • social media links
    • descriptions
    • logo
    • job source
    • job postings

You only need to invite one contact at the company, they will have the opportunity to invite as many of their colleagues as they'd like. Learn more about this role.


For GetroNetwork users: company admins will be able to search and request introductions to all visible talent members in your network. 

  1. Boom! This new company is up and running! Search your new company to see the added profile once you are done.

Good to know!

Do you need to add multiple companies in bulk? Feel free to contact us at and we will help you out.

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