Adding or removing a member from a talent list

Talent lists are an efficient way to group your talent members based on skills, experience, interests, and more. Lists are also an effective way for companies in your talent network to find desired talent more quickly by subscribing to lists to receive notifications about new talent that fits their hiring needs. 

Talent members can be manually added or removed, as well as automatically added to talent lists. Read more here about how to set up a Smart list that will automatically add talent based on your filters.

Learn how to manually add or remove members from your talent lists

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  1. Log in to your admin portal and navigate to the “Members” page
  2. You can either search for the talent member you’d like to add or remove from your list(s) under “All members” or select a specific list to view talent members currently on that list

  1. Once you’ve identified the talent member to add or remove from your list(s), click on “Add to list” on their profile card. 

  1. From there, you can select or deselect which lists you’d like that talent member to appear on or be removed from.


Talent members are not aware of which lists they appear on. Talent lists can only be viewed by company and network admins.

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