Sharing talent lists

Talent lists are an efficient way to group your talent members based on skills, experience, interests, and more. Lists are also an effective way for companies in your talent network to find desired talent more quickly.

You may be aware that a company in your network is hiring several engineers over the next several months. Sharing an engineering-specific talent list with that company is a great way to direct them right to the talent they are looking for. 

Learn how to share a talent list with a company admin

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  1. Log into your admin portal and navigate to the “Members” section

  2. Search for the list you’d like to share and select it from the “Your lists” section

  3. Click “Share” at the top of your selected list 

  1. In the next window, you can input the names of as many company admins (and/or network admins) that you’d like to share this list with. To view your list of network and company admins, simply click in the “Search network and company admins” field and click to select contacts.


The names you search here must be names of people who are current admins in your talent network. Read more here about giving your companies admin access to your talent network.


  1.  You can also add an optional “Personal note” to accompany your email, and select more than one talent list to share at one time. 

  1. Once you’ve added your desired contacts and selected the talent list(s) you’d like to share, click the “Send” button at the bottom right

What’s next?

The network or company admins with whom you’ve shared the list(s) will receive an email notification directing them to check out the list(s) in their Getro admin portal. They’ll be able to view the talent members currently on the list and optionally subscribe to receive updates when new talent members are added to the list.

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