Creating a talent list

Talent lists are an efficient way to group your talent members based on skills, experience, interests, and more. Lists are also an effective way for companies in your talent network to find desired talent more quickly by subscribing to certain lists. 

Learn how to to create a talent list once you’re logged into your admin portal and on the Members page: 

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  1. Click the plus sign “+” button next to “Lists. This will take you to a new screen to enter the list name, list description, and the option to create a smart list

  1. Type your new list name in the “Search lists…” field, and click + Create list for “New list name”.

  1. On a member profile, click “Add to lists”, type your new board name in the “Search lists…” field, and click Create list for “New list name”

Once you’ve clicked to create the list, it will appear under “Your lists”. 


Who can see talent lists?

Only network admins and company admins in your network can see your talent lists. Talent members can not see if they are part of a talent list. 

How do I change or remove a talent list?

To view or edit your list, search for and/or select it from the “Your lists” section. Click “Settings” to edit the list name or description, to turn the smart list feature on or off, or to delete your list.

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