Talent lists: smart vs. manual

Talent lists are an efficient way to group your talent members based on skills, experience, interests, and more. Lists are also an effective way for companies in your talent network to find desired talent more quickly by subscribing to certain lists. 

There are two types of talent lists that network admins can create: 

  1. Manual: Network admins can manually add (or remove) talent members who they would like to feature on that list.

  2. Smart: Network admins can both manually add and remove talent members to the list, as well as configure filters, like experience and skills, which allows the board to organically grow when new talent members join who match that criteria. 

How to create a smart list 

  1. Log into your admin portal and navigate to the “Members” page

  2. Click the plus sign “+” button next to “Lists”. 

  1. This will take you to a New list window where you can enter the list name and description

  2. Toggle the switch labeled “Smart list” to "add members automatically based on filters”. Once you toggle the switch, you should see several filters appear.

Examples of smart list filter criteria:

  • Keywords found in a talent member’s bio (job title, industry, etc.)

  • Skills

  • Experience level

  • Preferred location (this refers to the Talent Member’s preferred work location)

  1. Once you’ve added the desired filter criteria to this smart list, click “Save” and you are good to go! 

What’s next:

  • All current talent members who fall into your selected filter criteria will automatically be added to this smart list

  • Any future talent members who join your network and who fit the filter criteria will automatically be added to this smart list

  • You will also see your new list under “Lists” in the “Members” section as “[List Name]”. 

Edit or delete your smart list

To edit or delete your smart list, navigate to the “Members” page of your admin portal and select the desired list under “Lists”. Click “Settings”, make any updates, and click save. 


If you update and save the talent list criteria, this will automatically remove any talent members from this list who do not meet the criteria. 

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