How company admins request introductions to talent

Companies who have access to your talent network can freely introduce themselves to any talent member there who is open to introductions. Whether you shared the talent profile with them, they found the talent in their talent list subscription email, or they were just browsing and struck gold, the company admin is fully enabled to take the next steps to get connected with great talent. 


Only talent members who mark themselves visible to companies in their settings will be visible to company admins for introductions, although you as the network admin will see all talent members.

Learn how company admins request intros to talent

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  1. Click the three-dot button on any talent member profile, and select "Request Introduction"
  1. Review the talent member information, and optionally, type them a short message about why the introduction request is being sent.
  1. Click "Request introduction"

That's it! The talent member will get an email notifying them of the introduction request, and if accepted, Getro will make a formal email introduction between the company admin and talent member, revealing contact information for each party. 

Heads up!

Neither the email address for the talent member or the company admin will be visible to the other party until both sides have agreed to the introduction.

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