Requesting introductions: How companies and talent come together

Your talent network is probably filling up quickly with people that want to get introduced to your companies, and your companies are likely to be banging down the door wanting to find great talent. Why keep them both in suspense? Let’s start the introductions!

How are introduction requests made?

Introductions can be requested in three different ways:

  • From a network admin (that’s you!) to a talent member
  • From a company admin to a talent member


Read more here about how admins can make introduction requests to talent. 

  • From a verified talent member to a company. 


Read more here about how talent members can make introduction requests to companies.

Heads up!

Would you prefer to review the introduction requests made by talent to your companies? Read more here about the Gatekeeper functionality. 

If you are interested in activating this functionality, please contact your Account Manager, chat us on the website, or email us at

Once the introduction request is accepted, you know that both parties are interested in meaningful dialogue, and all parties can feel confident going forward into further conversations. 


Regardless of who initiates the connection, introduction requests are a two-way street, meaning each side has to agree before they are properly introduced. 

How do I know how many requests are being made or accepted?

You can find this information in your Analytics Dashboard. Currently, we allow you to track introductions in three reports:

  • Introductions Requested - a line graph of introduction requests made over a defined period of time. 
  • Introductions Accepted - a line graph of introduction requests accepted over a defined period of time. 
  • Introductions Performance - a detailed report of any requests made; from and to whom; when the request was made and/or accepted; and, the current status of the request, among other details.


Read more here about GetroNetwork Analytics. 

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