How it works:

Tags allow network teams to add unique, custom labels to Contacts within their network. By using tags, they can easily find and manage relevant contacts and create lists that go beyond the restrictions of our existing filters. The feature includes the ability to create tags, manage tags in bulk, and filter contacts by tags

  • Creating tags: To create a tag, on a Contact card select "Add Tag", then enter the tag name and click "Create Tag".

  • Managing tags in bulk: Select multiple contacts, choose "Add Tag", and select the tag you'd like added to the selected contacts.

  • Filtering by tags: Use the search bar to search for a specific tag and see all the contacts that have that tag.

  • Remove tags: Hover over the tag on a Contact and click ‘X’ to remove a tag from a specific Contact.

You can also manage tags directly from LinkedIn: Using the Getro Chrome Extension to Manage Contacts.

Benefits of using this tag:

  • More Flexibility: Create lists that go beyond our existing filters that are to your goals, such as: Angel Investors, Mentors/Advisors, Partner Services or GTM enterprise connections.
  • Improved Efficiency: Save time and effort by finding and filtering contacts quickly and easily.
  • Better Organization: Keep your network clean and up-to-date to find relevant contacts with information unique to your platform strategy and network relationships.
  • More Sophisticated Lists: Tag contacts based on specific criteria to create more targeted and relevant lists for your needs.

Additional information:

  • Known product limitations:
    • You cannot delete tags
    • You cannot edit tags
    • You cannot view a list of all existing tags

    • Managing tags is very manual today. Under consideration is how we introduce solutions that help you automatically categorize Contacts in a meaningful way.

  • Example scenarios customer use tags for:

    • Label the source of a person (e.g. attended an event or were part of a specific cohort)

    • Manage an internal workflow (e.g. Emailed, Contacted, Screened, Follow-up)

    • Highlight a contact’s known expertise in an industry or job function

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