Proactive Ways to Leverage GetroConnect

Here are a few ways to proactively leverage your Getro Connect module, even when you don't have a high volume of incoming talent requests.

Create Targeted Lists for Frequently Requested Positions: 

To stay ahead of the game, it's crucial to proactively create tags and lists for frequently asked positions. Identify roles that are commonly sought after, such as Head of Marketing or Lead Engineer, and maintain a pool of qualified candidates ready to be shared with founders or internal stakeholders. This proactive approach ensures you always have a network of potential talent at your fingertips.

Drive Meaningful Traffic to Your Talent Network Tab: 
Increase your access to qualified talent by leveraging the GetroConnect Talent Network sign up tab. Share the URL strategically through platforms like LinkedIn or collaborate with partner organizations such as universities or professional networks specializing in areas where you have a high volume of job openings. By doing so, you can attract additional qualified candidates to your talent pool and seamlessly connect them with relevant positions within your portfolio companies.

Leverage Analytics for Insights: 

Harness the power of the Analytics tab within the GetroConnect module to gain valuable insights into the most popular job openings within a recent timeframe by viewing the Job Functions report. 

Use this information to create targeted lists or develop marketing materials to promote these roles on platforms like LinkedIn. Best practice is to create a Linkedin post with content specific to that industry/role and link to a filtered view of your job board highlighting those roles. 

By driving more applications to these companies, you enhance the chances of finding the perfect match between candidates and job opportunities.

Proactively Offer Support to Your Companies Who Need it Most:
Leverage your Companies Performance report in the Getro Admin Portal Analytics module to identify companies with the most open job positions or those that may require assistance. For example, early-stage companies without dedicated talent partners could benefit greatly from your expertise. Proactively share a list of qualified candidates with these companies, even if they haven't reached out to you for help yet. This proactive gesture demonstrates the value you bring as a venture partner and cultivates stronger relationships within your portfolio.

The GetroConnect module offers immense potential for proactive talent acquisition strategies. By implementing the techniques discussed above, you can enhance your recruitment efforts, build stronger connections with stakeholders, and contribute significantly to the success of your portfolio companies. Embrace the power of GetroConnect and revolutionize the way you acquire and connect talent.

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