Unlock the Full Potential of Your Talent Search with Getro

Let’s dive into how you can make the most of Getro's enhanced search capabilities to find your next star performer! Start your search by navigating to the Contacts tab of your admin portal, then use these filters to find the best candidates:

Effortless Job Title Search

Looking for a "Marketing Wizard" or a "Coding Ninja"? Our Keyword Search by Job Title is like having a crystal ball—just start typing, and voila! Getro will not only complete your thought but also suggest a range of titles as you go. And, because we know job titles come in all shapes and sizes, you can search current and past titles. You can also search by titles that we don’t suggest, simply enter the keyword and we will search across all job titles past and present of your imported network.

The Right Place at the Right Time

Location, location, location! With our Location Filter, zero in on talent by city, state, or country, and dial in the range up to 200 miles. It’s like having your own talent magnet—just remember, it sticks to the country you’re searching in. Location filtering only works for cities at the moment.

Company Connections Made Easy

Want to handpick talent from a specific company? Enter their name and Getro will line up potential candidates from those companies.

Skill Hunting Simplified

Know the skills your role demands? Type them into our Skills Filter and watch as Getro pulls up the contacts who are versed in exactly what you need.


Dial in on candidates by how long they've been mastering their craft with our Years of Experience filter. Plus, gauge their loyalty and growth at their current company with the Years in  Current Company feature.

Keyword Mastery

Broaden your horizons with our flexible Keyword Search. Single keywords, multiple keywords, partial words—you have the magic wand to conjure up the broadest list of potential matches.  Search multiple keywords using “ “ for example.  This filter will include AND results for each term entered.

Contact of

Looking for contacts uploaded by a certain member of your team? Filter your results to see a curated list by your colleagues.


Tags are like little breadcrumbs leading to your ideal candidate. Use our Tags search to find contacts marked with specific identifiers already in use within Getro.

Talent Network Insight

See who's already interested in joining you through the Talent Network Sign-Up filter. Update this filter to find folks who have requested to join your network through the talent sign up form on your job board.


Q: How does Getro combine different search criteria?

A: When you select multiple filters, candidates will have to match every filter to appear in your search. 

Q: What's on the horizon for Getro’s search filters?

A: We’re always expanding our toolbox. Get ready for filters by industry, work history at portfolio companies, funding stage history, and specific talent sign-up details.

Q: I know a company exists, why can’t I filter by it?

A: If you’re typing but not finding a company, it’s because the company needs to be part of the journey of someone in your network. Think of it as an exclusive club, only for those who have the experience listed.  Sometimes these profiles can switch to private and Getro might lose access to some of the work history.

Nifty Tips and Visual Aids

Keep in mind that our job title search is like a treasure chest of up to 100 title variations—just the tip of the iceberg. To find more, tweak your search and discover new gems. 

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