How to post a job from the Admin Portal

There are times when you might need to post a job that isn't included on the company career page. Or it might be that you don't have a company career page yet! In either case, you can post a job manually to your job board from your Admin Portal. 

A few things to know before you post:

  • All jobs expire after 30 days
  • You can renew, edit, or delete jobs at any time
  • If your company is associated with multiple networks, any job you post will be listed on all job boards
  • Job postings are FREE

Here's how to post jobs from your Admin Portal:

  1. Log in the Admin Portal and navigate to the company profile


If you are a Company Admin, you will find your company profile on the left hand side of the Admin Portal.

If you are a Network Admin acting on behalf of a company, first search for the companies on your Companies page, then select the company profile:

  1. Navigate to the Open Jobs section of the company profile and select Post Job to manually add your open jobs to the job board

  1. Step 4: Complete the job posting form.


The fields are typical of a standard job posting. That being said, we encourage you to complete every field to maximize discoverability. When you consider what to add in the description, share why your company is unique and why this particular opportunity could be a fabulous career move for the right person. Avoid the laundry list of skills and accolades.

  1. Once you've entered all job information, click save to automatically post your job!

  1. After posting, you can open the menu of a specific job posting to share, view, edit, renew, or remove.

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