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Getro’s vision is clear: give our customers one job board for all of their network’s opportunities and keep it updated automatically. It would be impossible to do that without knowing where the opportunities in your network are. We call these locations company job sources, and the accuracy of this data is crucial. 

That’s why Getro’s job source experts are dedicated to finding and monitoring company job sources, so you don’t have to. Our job source experts seek out the most accurate company job sources for all of your companies and then monitor them to make sure your job board continues to show all the opportunities available in your network.

The complexity of how different companies post jobs is much deeper than you might imagine. You became a Getro customer to get an automated job board because you know how time-consuming it is to corral jobs from all the companies you work with. Our job source experts take pride in taking on that challenge and showing the right jobs on your job board.

Just so you know...

While Getro takes ownership in finding all of the jobs a company is posting, you can still curate which of the company jobs you want to show on your job board using job rules, posting jobs or even excluding all extracted jobs in some circumstances.

The value to you

Effortless setup:

During setup, we only ask you for a company name and website. Our Data Ops experts will find where the company is posting jobs. 

Easy growth:

As your network grows and you add more companies to your job board, we will find where those companies are posting jobs and configure that source for automated extraction.

Curating Jobs:

Do you only want to show jobs in Cincinnati or never show jobs with the word “Junior” in the title? Use our Job Rules to curate the jobs shown on your job board instead of hunting for a source of only those jobs to plug into Getro. 

Heads up!

Job Rules can be set to curate jobs with the following options:

  • Job title keyword inclusion
  • Job title keyword exclusion
  • Location inclusion

You can also choose to exclude all extracted jobs and/or post jobs from your admin portal.


I just added a new company to my job board. How long does it take to find and configure a company job source?

1 - 2 business days

What if Getro doesn’t find a job source?

It’s unlikely that we don’t find a company job source if it exists publicly (after 4 years of doing this, we’ve learned all the dark corners to look in), but in that unlikely scenario, if you know where the jobs are, you will have the ability to suggest that source to us from your admin portal. 

What if a company doesn’t have a job source?

Many smaller stage companies don’t have a place where they publicly post their jobs yet. We understand this, so we provide a way for you or the company to post jobs directly to your job board from your admin portal.

What should I do if the jobs shown on my job board are different from what I expect?

If anything about your job board isn’t meeting your expectations, please chat to us through your admin portal or reach out to We want to take the time to talk with you and find the best path to making it right. 

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