How to ensure your job postings are updated daily

Getro keeps your job board up to date by extracting all jobs for each company in your network. To do this, we rely on our job source experts to find and maintain up-to-date job sources for your companies. Companies may post their jobs in different ways, and based on their method, we will either extract those jobs either daily or monthly.

Which job sources are refreshed daily?

In order to extract jobs on a daily basis, our technology needs to be able to look at a webpage's code and identify relevant job information.

Many companies post their job openings in an Application Tracking System (ATS) such as Greenhouse, or an HR system such as Workday, and they promote their jobs on their website. You can easily find that page by visiting the header and footer of a company website and looking for links such as “Careers”, “Join us”, “Work for us”, “Jobs Opportunities” or simply “Jobs”.


Getro is a typical example. We post our jobs in Greenhouse and promote them on our website:

The page where a company promotes their jobs on their website is the best job source for Getro to extract jobs for your job board. 

Here is a condensed breakdown of what kinds of job sources give us the ability to refresh jobs daily:

A reputable ATS

Examples include: Applicant Pro, BambooHR, Breezy, Collage, Comeet, Lever, Greenhouse, Jobscore, JobVite, Hirebridge, Oracle SelectMind, PayCor Recruiting, Paylocity, TrinetHire

HR and Human Capital Systems

Examples include: Workday, ADP Workflow Now, JazzHR, Oracle Taleo, Ceridian Dayforce, Ultimate Software UKG Pro, iCIMS

Reliable job posting platforms

Examples include: Indeed, BuiltIn, USAJobs, Linkedin

These approaches tag the job post information in a consistent way, which allows Getro to leverage the structure of these types of pages to reliably extract information programmatically, resulting in daily updates. 

While Getro continuously invests in ways to programmatically extract jobs from job sources, the following job sources cannot currently be programmatically extracted and result in monthly jobs updates on your job board:

  1. Notion
    • Unless jobs are posted in a structured format, eg. the Notion page has a list of open jobs that each open to their own page with a unique URL. See industry-standard job posting practices below. This is an example of a Notion page that we can refresh daily.
  2. Glassdoor
  3. Crunchbase
  4. Custom web page not adhering to industry-standard job posting structure

Adding structure to ensure daily updates  

If a company lists jobs on their website without using either an ATS or one of the reliable job posting platforms above, the way their jobs are posted may not be reliable enough for Getro to consistently detect these jobs and update the job board as frequently as once a day. 

If one of your network companies posts jobs on a non-structured page, we recommend guiding them to supplement their job postings with structured HTML so Getro can reliably capture changes in their job postings and update your job board daily.  

Industry-standard job postings recommended HTML structure is available at, or check out Google's explanation.

At the bare minimum, the job postings should use HTML tags to capture the following key elements of job postings:

  • container to all job postings on the page
  • container to a specific job on the page
  • link to the job
  • job title
  • job location

Good to know!

We review job sources every 30 days for the opportunity to increase their refresh frequency. If you've made changes recently, we'll pick them up on our next review!


If your job posts are not structured in a way that Getro can reliably extract on a daily basis, we will update these jobs on a monthly basis. Read more here: How often do job postings get updated on your job board

New to the concept of structured data?

This video reviews structured data in relation to how Google reads a webpage. The way that Getro reads jobs is very similar, so this video might help with your understanding of the difference between a job posted on a page with structured data vs unstructured data. 

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