How to ensure your job postings are updated daily

Getro automatically lists and refreshes jobs on your job board by extracting jobs from your network companies' careers pages. Network companies post jobs on their careers pages in different ways, and based on their method, we will either extract those jobs daily or monthly.

The information here will guide you on how to ensure the jobs being extracted for your companies can be refreshed daily.

What makes it so my jobs can be refreshed daily?

The short answer to this question is: code. Our technology needs to be able to look at a webpage's code and identify what text on that page is relevant job information. 

Some companies use existing tools that have that code built-in. An example is an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), like Greenhouse, Lever, or many others. Other companies use job posting platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor, or ZipRecruiter.

Here is a condensed breakdown of what kinds of job sources give us the ability to refresh jobs daily:

A reputable ATS
  • Examples include: Applicant Pro, BambooHR, Breezy, Collage, Comeet, Lever, Greenhouse, Jobscore, JobVite, Hirebridge, Oracle SelectMind, PayCor Recruiting, Paylocity, TrinetHire
HR and Human Capital Systems
  • Examples include: Workday, ADP Workflow Now, JazzHR, Oracle Taleo, Ceridian Dayforce, Ultimate Software UKG Pro
Reliable job posting platforms
Job aggregators
  • ZipRecruiter 
  • Indeed
  • Built In 
  • Regional aggregators (ex: Arkansas JobLink)


While we can extract jobs daily from a job aggregator, these job sources may cause delays and jobs may be outdated.

Any of these approaches tag the job post information in a consistent way which allows Getro to leverage the structure of these types of pages to reliably extract information programmatically. 

Adding Structure to Ensure Daily Updates  

If a company list jobs on their website without using either an ATS or a job posting platform, the way their jobs are posted on their careers pages may not be reliable enough for Getro to consistently detect these jobs and update the job board as frequently as daily.

If one of your network companies posts jobs on a non-structured page, we recommend guiding them to supplement their job postings with structured HTML so Getro can reliably capture changes in their job postings and update your job board daily.  

Industry-standard job postings recommended HTML structure is available at  

At the bare minimum, the job postings should use HTML tags to capture the following key elements of job postings:

  • container to all job postings on the careers page
  • container to a specific job on the careers page
  • link to the job
  • job title
  • job location

Good to know!

Once you've added HTML structure to a company career page, please send us an email at so that we can update your job postings frequency to daily.


If your job posts are not structured in a way that Getro can reliably fetch them on a daily basis, we will make updates to your jobs on a monthly basis. Read more here: How often do job postings get updated on your job board

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