Monitoring job sources across your companies

Getro keeps your job board up to date by extracting all jobs for each company in your network. To do this, we rely on the company's most reliable job source from which to pull their jobs. 

The best job source for Getro to extract jobs for your job board is the page where a company promotes their jobs on their website. Because not all companies promote their jobs on their website, we also support other reliable job sources.

Companies can also change where they post their jobs. To provide you with an automatically updated job board, Getro stays on top of job source changes, and we make visible to you - in the admin portal - the current status of each company's job source.

Learn how to view job source statuses

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From the Companies page in your admin portal, you can at a glance view the status of each company job source.

From there, you can navigate to a company profile to view the specific job source Getro uses and the last time we pulled jobs in the Job source section:

From the Companies page, you can also quickly identify the companies with a specific job source status by using the “Job source status” filter. This saves you time by zooming in on companies that may cause your job board not to be as up-to-date as it could (eg. those with “Missing” or “Monthly update” job source statuses).

Job source statuses

Below are the various job source statuses and their respective meaning. 

Daily update

Great news! A ‘daily update’ job source is one from which we can reliably extract jobs on a daily basis (once every 24 hours).

Monthly update
This status shows companies for which Getro can only refresh jobs once a month. There are several reasons why a job source may be in this status (Learn more).
  • The job source does not follow a standard job-posting format
  • Jobs are posted on a platform from which we cannot programmatically extract jobs (LinkedIn, Glassdoor)
  • When the company was added to your network, the company did not have any jobs listed on its job source

Note: for companies with job sources in this status, to ensure your job board is updated more frequently, we suggest you contact the company to share our guidance for optimal job sources. If they have no job source in our optimal job source category, you can post jobs on their company profile

Under review
Company job sources are in this status when they fall under one of 3 scenarios:

  1. You recently added a new company to your network and our team is busy determining the most optimal job source. This usually takes 2 business days.

  2. The job source we have for this company stopped showing jobs. This happens when a company changes ATS for instance or rebrands. Our team detects this situation and redirects our job extraction to the new job source. No action is needed on your end and the job source should be back online within 2 business days.

  3. We have detected an unexpected problem with the job source and our team is investigating. No action is needed on your end. We are working diligently to address the issue.


There are two primary reasons why a job source may be ‘excluded’:

  1. The job source structure does not lend itself to our daily programmatic extraction so we have to revert to a manual job extraction process. We limit that process to no more than 200 jobs.

  2. A network admin has requested to exclude the job source for this company, likely because the job source has too many jobs irrelevant to the network. In this case, Getro hides all of the job source jobs for this company from the job board. You can post the relevant jobs for this company using the ‘Post job’ button.


As soon as you add a new company to your job board, our job source experts start trying to locate jobs for that company. While they look, you will see this:

If we are not able to find a job source encourage you to reach out to that company and ask where they promote their jobs so you can add that job source.

If this company doesn’t promote their jobs anywhere, you can post their jobsvia their Getro company profile.

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