How often do jobs get updated on your job board

The cadence of job postings being refreshed on your job board is highly dependent on how jobs are posted on company careers pages. 

Automatic job extraction 

Companies whose careers page utilize an ATS or industry-standard formatted job postings see their job postings refreshed daily (once every 24 hours) on the job board. You'll hear us refer to these careers pages as "automatic" as job postings get automatically extracted and updated on your job board. Read more here: How to ensure job postings are updated daily. If jobs are being extracted automatically, you will see the following status under Careers page section on the company profile:

Manual job extraction

Companies whose careers page use a non-structured format to post their jobs cannot benefit from our daily refresh cadence. In these cases, Getro has to revert to a manual process to maintain the job postings updated on your job board. We have a team of fantastic people who visit these careers pages monthly to add, update, or remove jobs from your job board as necessary. 

To ensure job posting are refreshed daily, follow the guidance in How to ensure your job postings are updated daily

No job extraction

If a company in your network does not have a careers page, you can manually post jobs on their company profile. Check out: How to post a job from the admin portal

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