How often do jobs get updated on your job board

The cadence of job postings being refreshed on your job board is highly dependent on how companies are posting their jobs. 

Automatic job extraction 

Companies who utilize an ATS or post jobs using industry-standard formatting see their job postings refreshed daily (once every 24 hours) on the job board. If jobs are being refreshed daily, you will see the following status under the Job source section on the company profile:

Manual job extraction

Companies that do not post their jobs with adherence to job posting industry standards cannot benefit from the daily refresh cadence of our automatic extraction process.

Typical reasons include:

  • Multiple job descriptions listed on one single web page without a unique link to each job description
  • Job posts manually coded in HTML code that either includes an iFrame or does not comply with recommended HTML structure for posting jobs on a web page
    • See our “How to ensure your job postings are updated daily” article for links to these standards
    • This includes jobs posted on unstructured Notion pages (pages that have all jobs with descriptions on one page, list jobs in tables, or display job description in modal windows)
  • Jobs posted on some job posting platforms from which Getro is unable to extract jobs at this time. This includes:
    • Glassdoor

In these cases, Getro has to revert to a manual process to maintain the job postings updated on your job board. We have a team of fantastic people dedicated to that manual process.

Monthly they review these job sources to add, update, or remove jobs from your job board as necessary.  If jobs are being refreshed monthly, you will see the following status under the Job source section on the company profile:

Also once a month, our team looks for opportunities to leverage our automatic extraction by reviewing job sources that fall under (1) and (2).

To help ensure job postings are refreshed daily, review: How to ensure your job postings are updated daily

No job extraction

Sometimes when you add a company to your Getro network, the company has no jobs posted at that time so we cannot detect the extraction frequency yet. Our team reviews those company job sources monthly to look if new jobs have been posted, in which case we determine the extraction frequency. 

If a company in your network does not have a specified job source, you can post jobs directly on their Getro company profile utilizing the "Post job" button.

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