Inviting talent to your network from the admin portal

While talent can certainly join your network on their own from your job board, if you know someone that's awesome, why wait? You can directly invite top talent to be a member of your talent network so they can get started right away.

Learn how to invite someone to join your network:

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  1. Log in to your account, and navigate to the Members page
  2. Click the Invite button or the “+” next to All members on the lefthand side

  1. From the New member information dialog, add their first and last name and their email address. Optionally include their LinkedIn profile if you know it. Select Talent as their Relationship to Network. 

  1. Under Status, select whether you would like that person to immediately have the option to request introductions to companies

Good to know!

Verified means that person will be able to request introductions to companies in your network, and can add more information to their profile, like their portfolio, resume or cover letter.

Non-Verified means that person will not be able to request introductions, but their profile will still be added to the network. Companies in your network will be able to request introductions, but you will be notified to facilitate those introductions, rather than having it handled automatically.

  1. Provide some context of why you are adding this person. Here, we have options to describe how well you know this person, and an area for free-form notes on why you're recommending them.

All information you add here will be shared with all companies in your Network, when they are browsing the GetroNetwork members, and when they receive an introduction request from this. This information can really make a difference in whether a company interviews a Talent member.

A note on confidentiality

A professional is not able to see contextual notes on your relationship context, so while you shouldn't be mean, you can be candid on any strengths or weaknesses that you feel it would be important for future employers to know.

Make sure that you're adding only truly fantastic people, are being forthright about your relationship, and sincere in your notes on why you are endorsing them.

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