Talent member sign up: How professionals join your talent network

Once your talent network is live, professionals looking to join your network are able to sign up via your public job board and talent network page. 

Learn how professionals sign up for your talent network

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Sign up buttons

There are two possible places on your page where job seekers can sign up to join your talent network.

  1. Customizable sign-up button in the cover image. In the example below, talent members are encouraged to "Get discovered". Contact your Customer Success Manager to customize this button.

  2. Sign up button on the Talent network tab

Sign up process

Talent members walk through a one-time sign-up flow to build their talent profile.

  1. Basic contact information

  2. Relevant work experience and resume upload

  3. Optional opt-In for mentorship

  4. Job search preferences

  5. Relevant skills

  6. Work location preferences

  7. US work authorization status(only visible for those who indicate interest in working in US locations)

  8. Job alert preferences

  9. Visibility preferences

At the end of the sign-up process, they'll have created their profile which will appear on the Members page of your admin portal. 

We also send them an email asking them to confirm their account, and once they confirm their account, you will have a chance to review their profile and decide whether they are approved to request introductions to companies in your network. 

If you want them to be able to request introductions to companies in your network, you can "Verify" them.

If you do not verify them, their profile will be visible to companies in your network and they can still apply to jobs listed on the job board, but they will not be able to request introductions.

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