Job alerts: Getting relevant roles in front of talent

Often, when a person is searching for a job, they are looking at a lot of different sources, and it can be easy to miss that perfect role. We are lessening the likelihood of that missed opportunity with job alerts - daily or weekly notifications about new jobs that match customized criteria defined by the talent member during sign up. 

Learn how talent members opt-in to receive job alerts

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When a talent member joins your network, they will be asked to opt-in to job alerts during the sign up process:

If a talent member does not sign up at this initial opportunity, they may always sign up from the profile page of their account:


How often are talent members notified of jobs?

Talent members can choose to receive alerts either daily or weekly. When there are new opportunities that match their criteria, they will be alerted at their selected cadence.

What jobs will talent members be alerted to?

Talent members can personalize what jobs they are alerted to by setting criteria based on their professional interests:

  1. Job title keywords
  2. Preferred job location
  3. Ability to work remotely
How will I know what actions are being taken from these job alerts?

As a network admin, you will receive a weekly Job Alert Performance email. This report will track the following metrics:

  1. Emails delivered: How many people got a job alert email for jobs in my network this week?
  2. Unique clicks: How many jobs in these emails were clicked on by a talent member?
  3. Profiles updated: How many talent members logged back in to update their profiles after receiving a job alert email?
  4. Unsubscribes: How many talent members unsubscribed from the job alerts this week?

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