Verify talent: enabling talent members to request introductions

If professionals who joined your GetroNetwork are a good fit for the companies in your network, you can enable them to request introductions to those companies directly. The more talent members who are verified, the more vibrant your network will be with introductions happening from both sides!


This is not a step to take lightly, so make sure to review their profile first!

If they are not a great fit, for now, you can simply keep them visible and searchable by companies in your network and they can always apply to jobs listed on your job board. 

Learn how to verify talent members

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To enable them to request introductions, simply select Verify from their profile.

Once you verify a talent member, they can then utilize the Request introduction button to connect with companies in your network. Note: the company will still need to approve the introduction before any contact information is shared.

To preview the email sent to a company when talent members utilize the Request introduction feature, see How companies receive introduction requests from verified talent

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