Once you identify a professional as a trusted member of your network, they will be able to request introductions to your network companies directly from their interface. For each company in your network, there is now a "Request Introduction" button, only available to members of the GetroNetwork. 

When a professional has selected a company they would like to be introduced to, we start the double opt-in introduction process.

  • First, we ask them to write a sentence or two about why they want to connect with the company. 
  • Next, we email the selected company's company admin, and ask if they would like to accept the introduction.
  • If the company accepts, we will make the introduction over email between the company admin and the job seeker.

 We also BCC you on each email exchange that happens between the two parties, so that you can keep track of every introduction in real time.

From there, the company advances the talent through their own application process.