GetroNetwork's whole mission is to connect people to job opportunities. Exceptional professionals are keen to get introduced directly to hiring companies to find their dream job. Getro connects hiring companies and professionals via introduction requests made either from professionals to companies or from companies to professionals. 

As your network of talent grows, you want to make sure hiring managers are prepared to receive talent coming their way. See How to prepare companies to receive introduction requests

When companies have not yet completed the necessary step to receive introduction requests from professionals, Getro proactively informs Network Admins over email:

As a Network Admin, you can help companies receive introduction requests faster by visiting the Getro Inbox at the top right of your admin portal.

Go to the admin portal:

  •  Log in at
  • If you have lost access, you may reset your password here.
  • Once you have logged into the admin portal, on the top right, select the Inbox icon

That page lists introduction requests made by professionals that need the review of a Network Admin before getting to their destination. They may need review for one of 2 reasons:

  • the company has not selected any Company Admins to receive the introduction requested by professionals
  • you have setup your network to require Network Admins to review all introduction requests before they are sent to Company Admins

Companies without designated Company Admins

Introduction requests listed in the "Out of network" section are those to companies that have not designated someone to receive introduction requests. 

As a Network Admin, you can invite a contact at this company to become a Company Admin, so they can receive the professional' introduction request sent to them.

Click Add point of contact and suggest intro and enter the name and email address for a company contact.

Getro will send an email to invite that person to be a Company Admin. When the company contact accepts that invitation, the introduction request will be sent to that Company Admin, as well as future introduction requests sent to that company. Note that each Company Admin can invite other people from their company to be Company Admins as well so they can tag team at reviewing the introduction requests from professionals

Companies with designated Company Admins

The "in network" section only exists if, during your onboarding with Getro, you have opted for all Network Admins to act as gatekeeper for all introductions. Being a gatekeeper gives you a chance to review the introduction requests made by professionals before they are sent to companies. 

In this section you can review each professional requesting an introduction and make the intro to the company hiring managers to introduce the professional to them.

Click Make Intro to approve the introduction request. Getro will send the introduction request email to the Company Admin.