Supercharge Your Talent Search with Getro's Company Funding Stage, Current Company Size, Industry, and Company (Specific Period) Filters

Getro's Company Funding Stage, Current Company Size, Industry, and Company (Specific Period) filters allow you to get truly granular when searching for top candidates in your network. By leveraging these filters, you can key in on hyper-specific details to make sure a candidate has the exact background and experience you're looking for.

Picture This:

You’re looking to share candidates from your network to fill a Chief a Staff role at a Seed Stage Blockchain Company that’s on the brink of closing a Series A and launching into hyperdrive. 

  • You know you need someone that’s held their own in a seed stage all-hands-on-deck startup environment, but has also navigated the growing pains of when a startup turns into a rocketship of hypergrowth.  
  • You know you need someone that knows what it’s like to work alongside a small and mighty team. 
  • You also know you need someone with deep industry experience and connections. 

Ultimately, you’re looking for a unicorn. 

Sure, you could spend time manually searching and deducing this information from candidate LinkedIn pages. 

But by leveraging Getro’s Company Funding Stage, Current Company Size, and Industry filters, you can pinpoint candidates that meet these exact criteria in seconds.

Read on to learn more about these filters and how to incorporate them into your workflow when searching for talent. 

Note: To access these filters, be sure to navigate over to your Contacts tab in your Getro instance.


Company Funding Stage

This filter is our showstopper. 

With the Company Funding Stage Filter, you get a unique (and otherwise extremely challenging to find) view of a candidate’s experience at companies at different funding stages. 

Whether you’re looking for candidates with startup experience,  those that have navigated the challenges of more established companies or those that have experienced growing through multiple funding stages, this filter broadens your search criteria to better match your hiring needs. 

Key Highlights

  • Enhanced Candidate Search: Easily find candidates based on the funding stages of their past or current companies, from startups to established firms.

  • Comprehensive Filtering Options: Includes current, historical, and transitional funding stage filters, offering a nuanced approach to candidate search. (i.e. Have they experienced growing from Seed through to Series B?)

  • Valuable for Strategic Hiring: Target candidates with the specific experience you need, improving the match for open roles.

See it in action:

Current Company Size

Leverage the Current Company Size filter to filter contacts based on the current size of the company your contacts work for. 

This filter is specifically designed to aid hiring teams and sales professionals in quickly finding candidates or prospects with experience in companies of a specific size.

Key Highlights

  • Apply filters based on company size to streamline the search for contacts, catering specifically to your needs.

  • Company size options are comprehensive, ranging from 1-10 to 5001+ employees.

  • View filtered company size information directly on the expanded profile card of contacts, under their current work experiences.

See it in action:


The industry filter allows you to streamline your search for contacts by filtering based on the industry and companies your contacts are associated with. 

By leveraging this filter, you can select exactly which contacts have experience in specific industry sectors, enabling you to make sure potential candidates are fully aligned with needs of a given role.

Key Highlights

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities: Select from over 50 industry options.

  • Multiple Selection Options: Select one or multiple industry options for more comprehensive search results. 

  • Experience-based Hiring: Vnenty liew a candidate's depth of experience by filtering by minimum number of years of experience in the industry, with options including 2 or more, 5 or more, or 10 or more years. 

  • Visibility of Industry Information: Details about the industry and the candidate's relevant experience are prominently displayed on the contact card profiles under the work experience section.

See it in action:

Company (Specific Period)

Once you've made your list of unicorns by using the Company Funding Stage, Company Size, and Industry filters, you can use the Company (Specific Period) filter to do backchanneling on your potential hires to really make sure they're a fit.

With this filter, you can search for contacts that were at a specific company during a set period of time. That way, you can reach out to your contacts in your network that might have worked alongside your potential hire for informal reference checks and insights. 

Key Highlights

  • Backchanneling Support: Simplify the process of conducting informal reference checks by leveraging the network to find contacts who have previously collaborated with a candidate.

  • Targeted Search Filters: Utilize the search function to pinpoint contacts by their employment duration at specific organizations, enhancing the precision of your talent search.

  • Clear Results Based on Overlap: The filter identifies contacts who worked at the company during any portion of the specified timeframe, with a minimum overlap of one month, ensuring accurate and useful search outcomes. 

See it in action:

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